Congratulations to the Upcoming 2018 TRLP Participants!

The Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program provides participants an experience to use their talents to make a different in their professional and personal areas of interest. The program is an eight month long course that brings an innovative and highly flexible training that allows self-motivated learners the opportunity for leadership development. The mission is to cultivate leaders from all segments of the community by education, developing, and encouraging participants to undertake leadership roles, providing them the means and resources to begin their involvement, and instructing them on how to utilize the assets to effect change and make a difference in their respective professional, personal, and civic areas of interest.

We are proud to announcement that two of our employees, Kyle and Lacy Hendricks, have been accepted into the 2018 Leadership Program! The different areas of study will be understanding leadership, your role as a leader, the business of associations, inclusive decision making, spokesperson training, personal sustainability, and Texas legislature. This program will help them prepare to be the leaders of Texas real estate in years to come and we're happy to see them grow within their business and communities.