Fiesta 2017 and the Battle of the Flowers

The Battle of the Flowers parade began in the late 19th century and is the highlight event of Fiesta today. Originally, it was intended to be a one day event to pay homage to the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Fiesta is now a city wide event that lasts ten days.

In the beginning, 1891, local women decorated buggies and bicycles with live flowers and threw them at each other. This was the beginning of the Battle of the Flowers that has become the annual event. In 1895, the Battle of the Flowers Association began crowning a Carnival Queen; then, in 1909, a full court was established. Today, the signature Battle of the Flowers parade is known for the elaborate dresses and fancy shoes or boots worn by the court contestants.

Fiesta has now become a great resource for the city's non-profit organizations by staging over 100 events over ten days with the help of over 75,000 volunteers. There are three parades including a night parade on the River Walk.

Other featured events include Oyster Bake, Alamo Heights Night, and NIOSA (A Night in Old San Antonio). If none of these events find your fancy, there are plenty of other events during Fiesta that you might enjoy.