+ How quickly can Hendricks Property Management start managing my property?

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+ What do you do to get my property leased?

We post your property on the local MLS, which is then syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, and similar websites. We share your listing on specialized market rental sites like AHRN.com.

+ What is your rental application process?

We require all prospects 18 and over to submit an application. We run their criminal background and credit check to verify that it meets our standards. We also check their income, rental history, work history, and screen any animals they wish to have on the property.

+ What is the standard time period of a lease?

Our standard lease is written for 12 months. Sometimes, with the owner's approval, we will write a lease for two years, but never shorter than 12 months.

+ Is direct direct a payment option?

All owner payments are made by direct deposit.

+ When do you send out owner payments and statements?

Payments go out the second week of the month, and statements are sent out at the same time.

+ How much do you charge for a security deposit?

Typically, a security deposit is equal to one month's rent.

+ Who holds the tenant's security deposit?

Hendricks Property Management will hold the security deposit for the duration of the tenancy. When the tenant vacates the property, the property manager will settle the deposit less any damages or repairs that were caused by the tenant.

+ How are rental increases and lease renewals handled?

Rent increases are determined by fair market rate and the rent amount can only be changed at the time of renewal. We will run a market analysis to determine if the rent should increase, then make arrangements with the tenant to renew or vacate.

+ Can I visit my property whenever I want?

In short, no. You may drive by the property whenever you see fit, however, if you would like to go inside, please contact us so that we can setup an appointment with the tenant.

+ What are mandatory re-keys and security devices?

It is required by the state to re-key a property and reset security devices between each tenant.

+ How are maintenance requests handled?

Whenever a work order is called in, we will assign the work order to a contractor. Depending on the dollar amount of the work ordered, we will automatically move forward with the repair, or contact you to discuss our options.

+ What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is never allowed inside any of our units.

+ If I want to sell my property, can Hendricks Property Management help?

Hendricks Property Management is your one stop shop for anything real estate related. We have a small team of well seasoned agents that specialize in absentee owners so that they can handle the sell from contract to close without you having to make the trip to San Antonio.

+ Why work with a NARPM® property manager?

NARPM® property managers have heightened expertise and industry knowledge to assist them in doing the best possible job. They are real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique challenges of managing rental property in today’s constantly changing economic and legislative environment. And they know how to manage those challenges to everyone’s benefit. They can maximize rents and income for you; and they will manage the property efficiently, professionally and economically.

A NARPM® member stands apart from other property managers and landlords. Unlike many of them, NARPM® members:

  • Have access to numerous educational opportunities.
  • Adhere to the highest Standards of Professionalism and Code of Ethics.
  • Know the landlord/tenant laws for your city, state and federal governments.
  • Know rent values and vacancy factors.
  • Have rental applications and consistent screening policies to meet legal obligations.
  • Perform thorough move-in and move-out property evaluations.
  • Are personally familiar with reputable painters, electricians, roofers, carpenters, landscapers, HVAC, appliance repairmen, and other maintenance professionals.
  • Can effectively negotiate with tenants, handle difficult issues and enforce the terms of the rental agreement.
  • Have the ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants and collect bad debts.

Your rental property is a very valuable asset. Entrust it to someone that can help you maximize your investment and minimize your headaches!